After an extended period of working at home and significant disruption to the typical business environment, people are starting to flock back in droves. As they do so, they may be readjusting to the particular needs of their workplace and once again figuring out what to wear. Sometimes, a new start can mean a new approach, and in this case, you may be able to wear a mix of conventional professional and casual. How should you go about this as you test the waters and put together some great new outfits for the season ahead? 

Deciding on Your Approach

Clearly, no two businesses are alike, and you may need to remember any hard and fast rules. You may also be able to adjust your clothing based on your position and whether you are client-facing or work with other staff members in the background. In fact, the lines can become blurred when it comes to what may be too casual or what is accepted as "smart casual corporate" today.

The Corporate Look

Begin by splitting your wardrobe into two sections. When it comes to something smarter, dressier or more "corporate," you could include pencil skirts or dresses, midi skirts, blouses and tops that feature lace, silk or crêpe, blazes or tweed jackets. You could complement these clothing items with some gold or silver earrings, a pendant necklace or a silk scarf. Finish your look with some loafers or even boots made from black leather.

Casual Attire

You will need some casual attire on the other side of the wardrobe. You can include structured t-shirts or other casual tops and fine knits here. You may be able to get away with jeans, although dark-coloured options and chinos are less risky. Alternatively, midi-length dresses can always work well, as will a pair of casual loafers.

Mixing and Matching

Now that you have segmented your clothing types, it's time for you to mix and match. Try wearing one or two casual items per outfit to start with and adjust as you move forward. See how your outfit goes down and what other people are wearing, so you can strike a good balance and feel as comfortable as possible in the workplace.

Getting More Advice

If you're confused or need further guidance, contact a personal stylist for help. They will probably have some up-to-date fashion advice for you as well, to indicate what's in vogue for this season.

Reach out to a personal stylist near you to learn more.